Dense vegetation, gushing rivers, a cover of cane and bamboo trees along with different varieties of wild orchid, eucalyptus and pine, comprise most of Peren's lush landscape. Recognised as the Green District of Nagaland, Peren has a dense concentration of flora and fauna. Surrounded by serene forests, the heart of Peren reverberates with a lively culture of folk dance, music and arts.


The most important festival celebrated in Peren is Christmas with a unique tradition of gifts being placed outside the town for visitors. Other festivities include the harvest festival of Mimkuut and Chaga-Ngee that is celebrated in honour of the brave tribal warriors. Located around 100 km from Nagaland's capital, Kohima, Peren is often touted to be the region, where the written modern history of Nagaland began, as Britishers made it a centre for communication to reach out to the tribes of Nagaland. There are several places of tourist attractions nearby, including Mt Paona, Mt Kisa, Intanki National Park and the caves at Puilwa village. Home to Zeliang and Kuki tribes, Peren is famous for tribal festivals like Meleinyi and Minkut that are celebrated in spring.

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