Intanki National Park in Nagaland is one of the most famous tourist attractions of the state. Abounding in thick rainforests, it shelters several species of birds, mammals, reptiles and insects. One can find various interesting wildlife here, including Hoolock gibbons, elephants, sloth bears, tigers, leopards, barking deer, wild dogs, and flying squirrels. This equatorial forest stretch is known for its natural beauty and semi-tropical vegetation. The park is also teeming with flora and some of the popular varieties are mahogany, bamboo, rattan, palms etc. In addition, mountains, cliffs and valleys in the park offer opportunities for trekking, hiking and camping. Declared as a national park in 1993 and an elephant reserve in 2005, the park is spread over an area of about 200 sq km. Winters are the best time to visit and the months of November to February can be a good choice.

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