A small hamlet situated at an altitude of 2,138 m above sea level, Lava is one of the few places in West Bengal that receives snowfall during winters. It serves as an entry point to Neora Valley National Park and the route is as scenic as it is thrilling. Alpine trees seem to follow your ascent as the sun plays peek-a-boo through the leafy branches it is truly something straight out of a film.


Primarily a pit stop on the way to Kalimpong and the national park, Lava offers a range of homestays and small hotels where you can rest for the night and enjoy the stunning view this village is blessed with before making your way further up.


Now, this place is frequented by trekkers as well, as the popular trek to Samthar Plateau starts from Gompa Dara, located in close proximity to Lava. It is also quite the attraction for bird watchers, who will be able to watch blue robins, finches and wren warblers dive through the trees and take to the azure skies.


Lava provides an ambient atmosphere to enjoy nature at its best, coupled with a variety of flora and fauna. It also has a famous point to witness the sunrise - Rishyap, 4 km away from Lava, provides breathtaking vistas of some of the Himalayan peaks. While here, don't forget to explore Lava Monastery, a serene and peaceful sanctum located at the edge of a cliff.

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