Located near the origin of River Mandakini, this ashram is nestled in the hills of Chitrakoot, surrounded by lush greenery, with ample open spaces, and is thus ideal for meditation and reflection. It is believed to be the place where sage Atri meditated with his wife, Anusuya. Its location ensures that peace and quiet abounds in its hallowed pathways and courtyard, so devotees can pray, or even enjoy the serene atmosphere without being disturbed.


Inside the ashram a large statue of Lord Krishna, riding a chariot with Arjuna sitting behind him, is stationed. As you go further in, you can see more sculptures with beautiful artwork that are kept for sacred darshan.


Legend has it that during their exile, Lord Rama and Goddess Sita visited the devout sati Anusuya at this ashram, who used to teach Sita about satitva (chastity) during this time.


Another legend written by Valmiki speaks of how it did not rain in Chitrakoot for 10 years, and its people were suffering from severe famine, with nothing left to eat or drink. It was sati Anusuya's devotion to prayer that brought Mandakini down to earth, replenishing the town and allowing the flora and fauna to thrive once again.

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