The spiritual town of Bodhgaya is home to many Buddhist monasteries that have been set up by various nationals. The Thai Monastery is perhaps the most important of these. With its stunning architecture and golden roof, it stands out among all the international monasteries. It is home to a Thai temple and a 25-m-high bronze statue of Lord Buddha. The Bhutanese Monastery is another landmark and is known for its rich decorations, photographs of the kings of Bhutan and some unique 3D frescoes. The Tibetan Monastery, which lies just across the Mahabodhi Temple, is also worth a visit. It houses an ornate statue of the Maitryi Buddha (Buddha of the future). Another place to stop at is the Tergar Monastery that has been built in Tibetan-style and belongs to the Karmapa school of Tibetan Buddhism.

Other Attractions in Bodh Gaya