Archaeological Society of India Museum houses an excellent collection of various Buddhist and Hindu relics, mostly related to the Pala period (8th to 12th centuries). Established in 1956, the museum has two galleries and an open courtyard, along with two verandahs that boast various antiques. One can find exhibits of bronze statues, terracotta items, images of Lord Buddha and stone sculptures, along with pillars, railings, panels, rods, plaques etc. It is located inside the Mahabodhi Temple complex. The second gallery of the museum houses an idol of the varaha avatar of Lord Vishnu and visitors can also learn about the dasavatara (10-avatar) incarnation of the deity. While it is quite difficult to encapsulate the vast history of Bodh Gaya and the richness of Buddhist culture, this museum is an attempt to make research and understanding easier.

Other Attractions in Bodh Gaya