The city of Karimnagar is named after Syed Karimuddin, who is believed to be its founder. It is surrounded by Madhya Pradesh on the east, Adilabad in the north, Nizamabad in the west and Warangal and Medak in the south. Located on the banks of the Manair river, Karimnagar is the fourth largest city in Telangana. Famous for its architectural heritage, Karimnagar has Persian as well as Telugu influences. There are a number of places one can visit in Karimnagar like the Vemulawada, which is a famous temple of Lord Shiva; Kandagattu, which is a serene temple dedicated to Lord Hanuman located amidst hillocks; Nagunur Fort, which is a majestic monument speckled with the ruins of ancient temples; Dharmapuri, a quaint city known for its temples and churches; Kaleshwaram, which is known for a famous Lord Shiva temple.

Historically, Karimnagar has been important because Kotilinga in Karimnagar, was the first capital of the Satavahana dynasty that ruled a large part of this region from 3rd century BC till 3rd century CE. The region was also of considerable importance during the rule of the Kakatiya dynasty. In recent times, however, the city has also seen a lot of industrial development. The region is also well-known for rice production. The agricultural regions receive a bulk of their water from the Manair dam. The city is about a three-hour drive (280 km) away from Hyderabad and is a great weekend getaway destination.

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