Humnabad is home to the ancient temple of Lord Veerabhadreshwara that attracts thousands of visitors from far and wide. Veerabhadra is an important Hindi deity, who is believed to have been born out of the rage of Lord Shiva, after the death of his wife Goddess Sati (Shakti), at the yajna (fire ritual) of her father, king Daksha. Every January-February, a seven-day Veerabhadreshwara Jatra and cart pulling festival is held that draws a huge footfall. The temple was built by Raja Ramchandra Jadhav in 1725.

The structure of the temple includes two lamp pillars about 50 ft high and a magnificent sanctum sanctorum. Other attractions in Humnabad are Karibasaveshwar Temple, Nageshwara Temple, Balaji Mandir, Sai Baba Temple, Beerallingeshwar Temple, Jawahar theatre, Sai theatre, among others.

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