Believed to be the site where Swaminarayan, the founder of Swaminarayan Sampraday, sat with local holy men when he visited Bhuj, this temple flaunts typical bright-hued wood carvings. It is located just down the road from the Ramkund stepwell. The temple was originally built in 1822 and was the first of many Swaminarayan Sampraday temples. The throne of Swaminarayan, the domes of the temple and even the doors are made of gold, while the pillar and ceilings of the temple are made in marble.

The temple complex is spread over 5 acre of land and the structure has seven shikaras (spires). There are seven main domes, 25 smaller domes and 258 carved pillars, along with idols of Goddess Radha, Lord Krishna, Lord Ganesha and other deities.

Inside the main complex, a small temple has been constructed that can be visited only by women. Other attractions of the complex include Sant Niwas, a meditation hall; Bhojan Hall, a dining hall that can host around 2,000 people at a time and a sabha mandap, where religious discourses take place.

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