Built in red sandstone with exquisite carvings, these cenotaphs with umbrella-shaped domes, belong to the royal family of the Raos of Kutch. They were built by Rao Lakhpatji, a Jadeja ruler, in the 18th century.

Among all the funerary monuments, the cenotaph of Rao Lakhpatji is the largest, and includes sati stones denoting the sites where 15 of his consorts gave up their lives after his death. The walls of the cenotaphs have been inscribed with sculptures of deities, couples in local costumes, animals and hunting scenes.

Located to the south of Hamirsar Lake and close to the Ranjit Vilas Palace, these cenotaphs feature a strong Islamic influence, with geometric-patterned jaalis (screens), Mughal arches and a turquoise blue hue that fills their roofs.

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