The Kutch Great Indian Bustard Sanctuary is amongst the best places in India, where visitors can spot the great Indian bustard, one of the heaviest birds in the world. Additionally, visitors can see black and grey francolins, spotted and Indian sangrouses, quails, larks, shrikes, coursers, and plovers. Rare species like Stolicskas bushchats and white-naped tits can also be found here. During winter, a walk up to the north coast area of Jakhau will reveal large groups of flamingos, herons, egrets, sandpipers, and other birds that are usually found in salt reservoirs and creeks. From the sanctuary's watchtower, it is common to spot Indian gazelles and wolves. Another way to explore the sanctuary is to drive around its verdant landscape. This can bring visitors face-to-face with several nilgai that live in the region. The best time to visit is from the rainy season to the end of winter.

The sanctuary is sprawled over an area of 2 sq km and is considered the second-largest conservator of the Indian Bustard. The place is considered ideal for the great Indian Bustard as it is home to varied vegetation, semi-arid grasslands and marshy swamps. It is also called the Lala-Parijan Sanctuary and was declared a sanctuary in July 1992 to protect the great Indian Bustard.

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