Home to the historic Kittur Fort, Kittur is a popular tourist attraction in Karnataka, 50 km from Belgaum. The little town attracts scores of tourists with its grand palaces, monuments and statues. The main attraction is the Kittur Fort. Also known as Kittur Chennamma Fort, it holds immense historical significance. The fort once served as the residence of the brave ruler Rani Chennamma, who led one of the first freedom struggles of India. The fort houses the opulent Kittur Palace, which stands as a fine specimen of the Peshwa-Islamic style of architecture and leaves visitors spellbound with its grandeur. Spend some time exploring the palace and its different parts that include discussion rooms, guest rooms, rest rooms, a prayer room, store rooms, bath rooms and a number of kitchens. Head to the archeological museum that is replete with antiques and ancient relics like a great collection of ancient weaponry, stone idols, paintings, idols of deities etc. The open space outside the museum has been used to showcase a few cannons and stone sculptures.

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