One of the major religious establishments in India, Satsanga Ashram has over 2,000 branches worldwide. Satsanga Deoghar is the main branch started by Thakur Anukulchandra, who migrated to Deoghar from Himaitpur (now located in Bangladesh). The ashram has large buildings with rooms and dormitories. Accommodations are available for visitors and can be booked online. It also has a free kitchen called Anandabazar, a museum and a zoo within its complex that are open to visitors.

The satsang became popular owing to its various philanthropic works. Eventually, the Satsang Chemical Works came up that manufactured medicines based on Sree Sree Thakurs formulae. Slowly, it branched out into the Satsang Press and Satsang Publishing House. It is also connected to the Radhaswami sect.

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