Baba Atal Rai tower is situated to the south of the Golden Temple. At a height of 40 m, it is a nine-storeyed tower and one of the tallest buildings in Amritsar. Legend has it that Atal Rai, the son of the sixth Guru Hargobind, revived a dead friend, Mohan. Guru Hargobind rebuked the nine-year-old child for displaying his spiritual powers. In order to compensate for breaking the law, Atal Rai took samadhi. Each floor of this octagonal tower represents a year of Atal’s life. Initially, the structure was built as a tower, but eventually, it was transformed into a gurudwara. The first floor of the tower houses a number of miniature works depicting scenes from Guru Nanak's life. One can also get a sweeping and panoramic view of the city of Amritsar from the top of the tower.