Sarai Amanat Khan was built by the Mughals as a caravan sarai (resting place) on the Grand Trunk Road, in a small village south-west of Amritsar. One of the many sarais put up by them, it was built with a purpose to be a rest-stop on the way to Lahore from Agra.

This sarai has been named after Amanat Khan, who was the calligrapher of the Taj Mahal. It is said to be the dwelling and then the resting place of Khan, who is credited with inscribing verses from the Koran on the Taj Mahal. The gate leading to the sarai is a beautiful structure that draws influences from the Mughal style of architecture. Its blue-glazed tile work is particularly remarkable. Two other gateways, Lahori Darwaza and Dilli Darwaza, lie on either side of a large open courtyard that has a mosque and a makeshift stable. 

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