Located around 35 km from Amritsar and Lahore, Pul Kanjari is where Maharaja Ranjit Singh, the leader of the Sikh empire, would stop for a break while passing by with his retinue. The site is situated near the villages of Daoka and Dhanoa Kalan, right on the Wagah Border.

The complex is steeped in historical charm and houses a baoli (a stepwell for bathing) within it. On the corner of the baoli is a dome, the interiors of which are decorated with scenes from Hindu scriptures as well as the Raj Darbar (royal court). A temple, mosque and gurudwara are also housed within its boundaries – a clear indication of the secular nature of the great king. Pul Kanjari was an important trading centre in the 18th century. It is said that it was named after a small bridge, which Maharaja Ranjit Singh had built over the canal, connecting Amritsar and Lahore, for his favourite dancer Moran, an artiste from the nearby village of Makhanpura. 

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