Handicraft items are some of the best buys in Mizoram, especially the ones made from cane and bamboo. One can choose from a selection of hats, utensils, baskets and furniture. Tourists can also take home woven fabric in attractive designs and patterns like the shawls woven by Mizo women and colourful traditional wrap-around skirts known as Puan in the local language.

The markets of Aizawl are lined with shops selling bright woollens and beautiful bamboo souvenirs. While the Bara Bazaar is the busiest market of the city, the New market, Solomon's cave, Thakting Bazar and Ritz market are some of the other important shopping centres of Aizawl. Given that Mizoram shares its border with Myanmar, one can also shop for exclusive items made in the country. Head to the State Government and Handloom Emporium at Ritz market to shop for handicraft items, including the traditional Mizo hat made of bamboo known as Khumbeu, and exquisite bags woven with traditional patterns.

Other Attractions in aizawl