On the eastern side of the Sabarmati river, lies the old city of Ahmedabad crowded with pols. The pols are housing clusters, often belonging to specific communities. The neighbourhoods on the other side of the gates of the walled city were at one time the backbone of Ahmedabad. They are currently reminiscent of times gone by and bring about a bout of nostalgia every time you visit it. Many of these pols have temples or shrines representative of the community’s faith. Several pols still house cottage industries, so visitors can find people sitting on doorsteps hand-sewing books or crimping silver chains together. The cottage industries allow the residents to find livelihood without having to leave the boundaries of their home and community.  There are bird feeders in each pol known as chabutro and crevices built into the walls for birds to use as houses. Walk around this spectacular neighbourhood to soak in its encompassing and warm spirit. 

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