A 34-sided artificial lake shaped like a polygon, Karkaria Lake covers an area of 76 acre and stretches around 2 km. The lake is surrounded by flights of cut stone steps and at half a dozen places, slopes give access to the water body. These slopes are covered by square cupolas, each raised on 12 pillars. At the centre of the lake is an artificial island called Naginavadi. Other facilities include a zoo, a natural history museum, a toy train, a garden for children called Bal Vatika, an open air theatre, a balloon safari and high-speed train rides. With so much to offer, the lake has steadily gained popularity among tourists as a one-stop entertainment centre. 
The lake is located in the south-eastern part of the city and is supposed to symbolise the rejuvenated urban settlement of east Ahmedabad with extensive pedestrian paths. It was constructed in 1451 by Sultan Qutb-ud-din Ahmad Shah II.  Legend has it that the name kankariya is due to the presence of large quantities of limestone (kankar in Gujarati and stone in English), which was dug out during an excavation. Another legend has it that Sultan Qutb-ud-din Ahmad Shah II asked saint Shah Alam to select the site for a tank and a garden. The saint threw around a few small stones at a particular location, which was dug up and a lake was formed there. 

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