Located around 178 km from Agartala, Unakoti’s ‘Lost Hill of Faces’ is a centuries-old Shaivite pilgrimage spot, which is dissimilar to any other place in the country in sheer grandeur and artistry. It has several majestic sculptures of Hindu gods and goddesses possessing earthy rawness of the tribal school of the classical Indian style. The most revered of them is the Unakotishwara Kal Bhairav, a 33-ft-high carving of Lord Shiva’s head. What makes it more attractive is the 10-ft-high intricate headdress that is flanked by warrior-like Goddess Durga on one side and Goddess Ganga sitting atop Capricorn on the other. The agreement among archaeologists is that although the predominant influence of the Shaivism is obvious, the sculptures were also influenced by several other cults like tantric, shakti, and hatha yogis. It is believed that the site dates back to the period between the 12th and 16th centuries and that the sculptures belong to two different periods of art.

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