Nestled amidst lush green paddy fields, Pilak in South Tripura's Belonia sub-division, is a popular tourist stopover. It is noted for its archaeological relics and art-like statues, carvings, stone stupas and terracotta plaques that bear resemblance to moulded plaques recovered from Paharpur and Mainamati; all reminiscent of the history of  8th and 9th centuries. The styles followed in the making of the images and the sculptures appear to have a resemblance to the architectural style of the Palas and Guptas of Bengal, Arakan and Myanmar. Pilak holds a key to the history of Tripura and displays an amalgamation of Hindu and Buddhist cultures. An Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) team found out brick built stupas during an excavation in the late 60s and since then the site has been under their care.

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