Travel for LiFE

A global initiative inspired by
Mission LIFE

"Travel for LiFE is a global movement towards sustainable tourism, inspired by Mission LiFE (Lifestyle for Environment) envisioned by India's Honorable Prime Minister, Sh. Narendra Modi. This movement seeks to inspire both tourists and tourism businesses to embrace straightforward measures aimed at conserving natural resources, preserving biodiversity, boosting local economies, and safeguarding the socio-cultural fabric of local communities—all with the ultimate goal of creating a brighter future.

Travel for LiFE

India's commitment to sustainable
development goals 2030

In the pursuit of the 2030 global agenda, nations are making significant strides towards realizing a world devoid of poverty, gender inequality, and economic inequality, with the ultimate goal of ensuring a sustainable planet for future generations. These goals are multi-dimensional, encompassing social, economic, and environmental facets. India remains steadfast in its commitment to sustain and enhance economic growth through the introduction and execution of a spectrum of policies and initiatives focused on sustainable development, climate action, resource efficiency, and combatting air pollution.

Travel for LiFE

G20: A collective commitment to
sustainable tourism

The summit stands as a testament to India’s leadership in fostering global unity and collaboration. It witnessed the convergence of the world’s most influential leaders, united by a shared vision for the future. The collective commitment to addressing global challenges reaffirmed the spirit of global cooperation as the declaration provides a new direction for tourism sector with G20 Goa Roadmap as a pioneering initiative that provides a blueprint for sustainable global tourism. New Delhi Leaders' Declaration also noted the launch of "Travel for LiFE" and supported the development of smart destinations that are responsible and sustainable. With this, India is poised to lead the way in fostering sustainable tourism practices that will echo across the world for years to come.

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Travel For LiFE Themes

    • Save Energy

      Save Energy

    • I will use public transport while travelling.

    • I will prefer to travel in CNG/ EV vehicles over petrol/ diesel vehicles.

    • I will use shared taxi and carpooling, wherever possible.

    • I will use low impact transportation for local visits or short commutes.

    • I will keep the temperature of AC to optimum efficiency preferably 24 degrees.

    • I will switch off the lights, appliances and taps in the hotel, when not in use.

    • I will prefer to do outdoor / nature activities, wherever possible.

    • I will keep the electronic devices in energy-saving mode.

    • I will use solar-powered travel charger, wherever possible.

    • I will use solar-powered lights while camping.

    • I will prefer to stay in clean energy powered accommodations.

    • Save Energy

      Respect local culture and heritage

    • I will consume natural or organic products.

    • I will respect the culture and heritage sensitivities.

    • I will spread awareness about the culture & traditions of India on my social media.

    • Save Energy

      Save Water

    • I will limit my water consumption during the shower, whenever possible.

    • Save Energy

      Say no to single-use plastic

    • I will avoid use of single-use plastic products.

    • I will carry my own cloth bag for shopping.

    • I will use shared taxi and carpooling, wherever possible.

    • I will carry my own water bottles during travel.

    • I will carry my eco-friendly cutlery kit.

    • I will carry my eco-friendly travel accessory kit.

    • Save Energy

      Reduce waste

    • I will carry e-tickets/ digital documents.

    • I will practice waste segregation while travelling.

    • I will buy upcycled handicraft souvenirs.

    • Save Energy

      Conserve nature

    • I will avoid purchasing products/ souvenirs made from the skins, Tuskers and fur of wild animals.

    • I will not support animal rides or abuse in any way.

    • I will follow the tourist protocols, do’s and don’ts when visiting protected areas.

    • I will not force to spot the wildlife during experiencing the wildlife safari.

    • I will not dispose of waste inside or near protected areas.

    • Save Energy

      Empower local businesses and communities

    • I will spend at least 5% on local products/ souvenirs.

    • I will prefer to indulge in responsible local experiences.

    • I will support local tour operators, accommodation units and guides

    • I will support local female-owned businesses, wherever possible

    • I will promote local experience on my social media account.

    • I will provide my feedback to the tourism service provider.

    • I will hire a local guide for excursion activities.

    • I will shop from the arcade which offers local artisans’ products/ souvenirs.

    • Save Energy

      Consume local foods

    • I will consume locally available and seasonal food, while travelling.

    • I will include sustainable food like millets in my diets.

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The Travel for LiFE pledge

  • I shall adopt a planet-friendly lifestyle during my travel
  • I shall encourage my friends and family to adopt responsible behaviour during travel
  • I shall respect local culture and learn about my heritage during my travel
  • I shall avoid single-use plastic during my travel
  • I shall preserve natural heritage during my travel

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Travel for LiFE certificates

An insignia of our commitment to the planet


Travel for LiFE Certified Gold

Businesses possess a well-established and widely acknowledged sustainability certification that encompasses all facets of sustainability. This certification undergoes regular audits conducted by STCI.


Travel for LiFE Certified Silver

Businesses are dedicated to the principles of sustainable business management and are actively engaged in ongoing sustainability improvements. Additionally, they hold a recognized certification in at least one specific sustainability dimension.


Travel for LiFE Certified Bronze

Businesses are committed to sustainable business practices and are dedicated to continually enhancing their operations towards greater sustainability./p>


Signed Up

Signed up Business is a business that has pledged its support to sustainable tourism and Travel for LiFE.

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