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A festival celebrated with much joy, Lohri marks the harvest season and the end of peak winters in the country. It is mostly centred around the agricultural states of India, particularly Punjab and Haryana, however, the festivities spill to nearby regions as well. Lohri has special rituals, including the lighting of a bonfire, around which people participate in much merry-making. Helpings of gur rewri (dry sweet made with jaggery and sesame seeds), popcorns and peanuts are passed around among friends and families. People dance around the bonfire to the tunes of folk music and exchange greetings and pleasantries with each other.

Afterwards, they sit down to a hearty meal of sarson da saag, which is a curry made with mustard greens and flavoured with ginger and garlic and best served with makki di roti, a flatbread made with corn meal. Gajjak, a dry sweet prepared with jaggery, peanuts and sesame seeds makes for a delicious dessert. A traditional recipe is that of til rice or rice made with jaggery and sesame seeds.