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A perfect balance between art, history and culture, the extravaganza features extraordinarily beautiful objects displaying the tribes’ history. The performances that complement these are works of art in motion. While what might have been wars in ancient times, are recreated as mock-fight dramas and are huge crowd pullers. With war log drums, blazing shotguns, backswords with bevels (dha), dao and spears, performers stage full-blown mock fights, dressed in warrior costumes. The shape, pattern and carvings on traditional Naga weapons differ from tribe to tribe. Most of the performances are accompanied by live music and rhythmic war cries.
Organised by the Government of Nagaland to promote cultural heritage and encourage inter-tribal interactions, the Hornbill Festival is the best way to experience the rich culture of the state. Some of the highlights of the festival are the traditional Naga Morung exhibitions, flower shows, herbal medicine stalls, fashion shows, Naga wrestling, indigenous games and musical concerts, among others.