On the banks of River Kshipra stands the Kal Bhairava Temple, which is believed to have been built by King Bhadresen. Worshipping eight Bhairavas (incarnations of Lord Shiva) has been a tradition for the Shaivite sect devotees with Kal Bhairava being the chief among them. In Avanti Khanda (a chapter) of the Skanda Purana (religious text), there is a mention of Kal Bhairava Temple and it is believed that worshipping here has always been a part of the Aghora and Kapalika sects as well. Images of Lord Shiva, Goddess Parvati, Lord Ganesha and Lord Vishnu were once recovered from the temple. The current temple structure reflects the Maratha architectural style. Traces of paintings made in Malwa style are still visible on the walls of the temple. The village of Bhairogarh, where the temple is situated, is also known for a certain art form of printing.

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