Involving a complicated print, Bandhej is done by randomly tying a cloth into knots. This cloth is then dipped into dyes to give it different colours and patterns. Bandhej produces a variety of patterns like chandrakala, bavan baug, shikari, depending on the manner in which the cloth is tied. Bandhej is the oldest form of tie and dye art and according to historical evidence, the first Bandhej print saree was worn at the time of Bana Bhatt`s Harshacharita.

Red, yellow, green, blue and black are the most prominently used colours in this print; the use of red colour is even meant to bring good luck to newlyweds! Though dyers have experimented with various elements, both natural and man-made, they have mostly stuck to organic dyes in this art form. Bandhej printed sarees are a very popular choice for women in the state and are of very fine quality. They are light, breezy and very elegant.