One of the most tranquil spaces in town, Ramana Ashram, is noted for the divine sermons and simple meditation practices of the 20th century South Indian sage, Ramana Maharishi. Developed by his disciples, the ashram draws thousands of devotees every year. As you enter the main gate, you will come across a large open courtyard flanked by tall trees, one of which is a 400-year-old iluppai tree. Right next to it, lie two imposing towers built in the traditional Dravidian style of temple architecture. While the first tower surmounts the shrine of Matrubhuteswara, raised over the tomb of Ramana Maharishi's mother, the second tower is over New Hall. The hall houses a life-sized statue of Ramana Maharishi and a large couch or yogasana, which has been intricately carved from a single black marble stone. The hall remains open everyday from 5 am to 12.30 pm and from 2 pm to 9 pm. Visitors can also visit the small Nirvana room located to the east of New Hall. It is the room in which Ramana Mahirishi spent his last days. Stop at the Sri Ramana Library located in the ashram compound to browse through an extensive collection of books on spirituality. Visitors can also stay at the newly-constructed guest rooms and cottages that lie near Pali Tirthan Tank, a part of the Palakuttu forested area, where Ramana Maharishi used to take long walks.

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