Located 20 km from Thiruvananthapuram, the Elephant Rehabilitation Centre is a 56 hectare expanse of grassy, deciduous forest bound by deep trenches to ward off wild animals. This allows the elephants to roam chain-free. Pachyderm-lovers can spend a day in the company of elephants, and go for a jumbo safari. The best time to visit is in the morning, when the elephants are being bathed by the mahouts. Feeding also takes place at this time – the mahouts feed the creatures large balls made of cooked rice and jaggery.

At a time, 30 elephants can be easily accommodated at the centre. The rehabilitation centre also rescues orphaned and sick elephants and cares for them till they can be rehabilitated into the forest, or for life, in case rehabilitation is not possible. For students and researchers, this place is ideal, as it gives you the opportunity to interact with the animals in a protected environment.

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