Lush green tea gardens, picturesque landscapes and endless paddy fields framed by the snow-clad Himalayas, all come together to make the beautiful city of Tezpur one of the most explored tourist destinations in Assam. Fringed by the feisty Brahmaputra river, Tezpur, in Sonitpur district, is considered to be Assam's oldest city. Straddling the state of Arunachal Pradesh and Assam, Tezpur is surrounded by some of the most exquisite scenic sites in India.

There are many legends associated with this slow-paced quaint city and it is said that it was the battleground of a war between Hari (Lord Krishna) and king Banasura (a devotee of Lord Shiva). Local lore recounts that the nephew of Lord Krishna, Aniruddha, fell in love with Usha, the daughter of the king, who disapproved of their match. The king put the young prince into jail and when Lord Krishna found out about this, he attacked him with full force. Banasura lost the war and requested Krishna not to kill him, after which he presented the couple, seated in a regal chariot, to the lord.

Originally, Tezpur is said to have been known as Haruppesvera, during the reign of the Mlechchha dynasty (650 - 900 AD). The rock inscriptions of Harjar Varma point to the fact that the city was in existence from 829-30 AD. Modern-day Tezpur was founded in 1835 by the British colonial administration. In fact, the city was an important centre of trade that was used as a river port. After independence, the city continued to maintain its significant streak and was the site of the establishment of the first electric power station in this part of the country.