As the region is endowed with lush green forests, various kinds of wood is extracted to make diverse objects of daily use. The tribes of Arunachal Pradesh are very skilled in woodwork. The craftsmen involved in wood carving are known as Trukpa. A popular piece of hand carved furniture is Cho-tze, which is a low table open on one side for people to sit on while the other three sides are covered with wood panels that have carved figures of dragon, bird or flower pattern painted in vivid colours on them.The Monpas also produce various utensils of daily use from wood. Zan Shongbu, a shallow flat rectangular utensil used for kneading flour is made from a single block of wood by hollowing out the inside. Jandhong, a long cylindrical vessel made of wood with brass around it, is used for churning butter tea. For churning milk, they have Zob, which resembles jangdhong but is bigger in size. Sheng Tsumrong is a wooden mortar in which cereals and other edibles are pounded with the help of a wooden pestle.

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