The Dirang village is an overnight tourist stopover in the western part of Arunachal Pradesh. It is located halfway between Jorhat, in Assam, and Tawang and lies on the banks of the pristine River Kameng. The paradise enjoys pleasant weather as it is not at a very high altitude. A hamlet that encompasses the best of everything unique to this region, from landscape to culture to food, it offers an opportunity to get acquainted with all things of Arunachal Pradesh. One of the oldest monasteries here, the Khastung Gompa, is an uphill trek from the village.

Downhill from the village, accessible through a foot bridge decorated with Himalayan flags, is the gushing Dirang river. Here, sheep can be seen grazing and sometimes visitors will even find themselves invited to local homes for tea in this village known for its warm hospitality. The village has a market where local handicrafts, which make for perfect souvenirs, are sold. The Dirang Dzong Fort, built according to Bhutanese stone architectural design grammar, is located on top of the hill and is accessible through a long flight of rock cut, stone studded steps. The design of this fort was made using some ingenious techniques to protect its residents from the biting cold. Another interesting attraction near the village is a hot water spring, which is considered to be sacred by the native population.

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