Poised on the banks of Purna river, the city of Navsari is a legacy of the Parsis, who settled here when they first migrated to Gujarat. Various edifices built in authentic Parsi style stand testament to the excellence of Parsi architecture. One major tourist attraction is the Parsi Vad that has become a heritage site. Located 30 km south of Surat, Navsari boasts many spiritual sites, including the fire-temple Atas Beharam and smaller agiyaris, the Parsvanath Jain temple and the legendary Dargah of Sayed Saadat. Another special attraction is the house of the pioneer and founder of the Indian steel industry, Jamshedji Tata, who was born here. His house is well-preserved and is visited by tourists from across the country. Indulge in shopping Zoroastrian arts and crafts and sampling delectable local cuisine, to get the flavour of this quaint city.

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