The Netidhopani camp in Sundarbans is a picturesque location, which tourists generally visit at the end of their journey to the famous Sundarbans delta. The camp is known for a tiger watchtower that is stationed near a sweet water pond and can hold up to 20 people. Another attraction nearby is a 400-year-old temple, which is in ruins, but still draws visitors for its mystique and charm.


There is a popular legend associated with the tower, which goes that a woman called Behula was taking her dead husband's body in a boat and rowing past the bank that is now called Netidhopani. During her journey, she saw a woman, whose child was constantly disturbing her, washing clothes on the bank. Annoyed, she splashed some water on the boy, who suddenly became lifeless. After finishing her laundry, the woman again sprinkled some water on the child while chanting some mantras, and the boy rose to life. Excited and hopeful, Behula went to the lady (Netidhopani) to ask her to raise her husband.

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