Marathi Heritage values, promotes & preserves heritage by developing hospitality through community-based tourism. It provides tourists with an experience  that brings history to life in an engaging way and nothing beats standing on the spot where history happened.  Marathi heritage aims to create a unique platform for the showcasing of  forts & heritage sites throughout Maharashtra. The platform would display the historic monuments & nearby communities, which are isolated till date in a better way.

Marathi Heritage selects the fort or heritage site which needs to be promoted in the nationwide & global travel market. The historic monument is then studied with authentic sources & experts to create a story out of it. The story of that site is then shared or told to the tourists who make a visit. Each traveller visiting these sites is occupied with genuine & authentic information, not only about the particular monument but also about the nearby communities & their lifestyle.

Marathi Heritage works on promotions & marketing of each fort & heritage site along with nearby communities throughout Maharashtra by using fort tourism as a tool.  Its heritage tours consist of travel itineraries, which cover all parts & districts of the state including forts, historic monuments, temples, national parks, wildlife, beaches etc.

By taking tours to these historic monuments,  Marathi Heritage  offers a hands-on experience that will inspire and entertain people of all ages. The heritage promotions through  fort tourism is informed by enduring values of authenticity, quality, imagination, responsibility and fun. The vision is that people will experience the story of Maharashtra  where it really happened.