Soaked in the rich past, Madhya Pradesh is best known for its historic grandeur and enthralling tales! What better than witnessing the folklore with a sound and visual treat? Head to these six cities in the state and experience the mesmerizing Sound and Light Shows portrayed against the backdrop of ancient monuments.


Step back in time with the spectacular Sound and Light Show, which beautifully unfolds the rich past of Mandu. Set against the background of Hindola Mahal, the show takes place every evening in various slots. With dramatic execution in the voice of famous artist Ashutosh Rana and colourful visual representation, you will be taken back into the time of Mandu's rich history. The show narrates the love saga of Rani Roopmati and Baz Bahadur, and many other exciting tales of the erstwhile town. With beautiful visual effects and gripping stories, the show is worth the time and money for all those visiting the destination to know about the bygone era.


The peace which triumphs during the day has the place buzzing after dusk. The fort of Gwalior wears a festive look in red-gold, blue-green lights during the evening with the Sound and Light Show, which illuminates the 'Man Mandir' Palace. The blooming voice of actor Amitabh Bachchan as Gopachal, the narrator, adds life to the ambiance. The unbeatable narration by Mr. Bachchan in Hindi and English, accompanied by the melody of legendry Ravishankar's sitar, sets the air for a show and lets you enjoy the glorious history of the city as it unfolds in front of you.


The captivating Sound and Light Show in Khajuraho describes the life of the Chandela rulers and traces the tales of temples from the 10th to 11th centuries. The show takes place at the beautiful Western group of temples in both Hindi and English in the audacious voice of Mr. Amitabh Bachchan. As vibrant lights illuminate every nook and cranny of the UNESCO World Heritage Site, you will be transported into a different time and place.


Treasure your visit to another UNESCO World Heritage Site with a Sound and Light Show. As Sanchi has become the synonym to Buddhism, the stupas make for a perfect backdrop to the "Son et Lumiere", which displays the story of the stupas and evokes the life of Emperor Ashoka and Gautam Buddha. 


Running horses, lion attacks, wars, and the narration of how Orchha was found, are spellbinding to see at the Sound & Light Show. Head to unveil the magical past of Orchha preserved in its monuments with one of the most beautiful shows in India. Wallow in the bygone times and know about the history of the town with hypnotic Sound and Light Show showcased at the fort complex. The show is most likely to enthuse those who are inclined towards history.

Step back into ancient times and get ready to relive the history with the magical 'Sound & Light Shows' programmed against beautiful settings across the state.