Surrounded by Himalayan deodar trees, Naldehra has perhaps the oldest and one of most scenic golf courses in India. Designed over a long sloping glade the golf course is at a height of 2200 m above sea level and is considered one of the most challenging by experts. The spot is 22 km from Shimla. It is a par 68, 18 hole course with16 greens and 18 tees. 

The golf course was laid out by the British Viceroy of India, Lord Curzon. It is said he simply fell in love with the place. He would abandon his resplendent residence, the Viceregal Lodge, in Shimla, and camp in the cedar woods of Naldehra. He was so enchanted by the spot that he often camped here for days on end and communicated with Viceregal Lodge at Shimla by means of a heliograph. So enchanted was he by the place he gave his youngest daughter Alexandra 'Naldehra' as her middle name. The golf course has been in existence since 1905.

There is a golf club with a club house. One can also go horse riding in the surrounding forest. At night, the lights of Shimla shine beautifully in the distance.

The Golf Glade

Perched on the edge of the Golf Course at Naldehra, Himachal Tourism’s Hotel Golf Glade is an ideal retreat from Shimla.  Log Huts and a restaurant are also available.

There are interesting picnic spots nearby.  From Naldehra, trek or drive to Craignano (2279 m) and Mashobra (2149 m).


Craignano was first built by the celebrated Italian confectioner and photographer Chevalier Fredrico Peliti, the Viceroy's chief. Peliti named the place after his native village in Italy. Craignano served as his residence. He was a brilliant confectioner and started Peliti's restaurant in Shimla. Craignano is now with the Shimla Municipal Corporation.

The Fruit Research Station is close to Carignano and has some unusual tree varieties. This building once belonged to Alexander Coults, the Viceroy's tailor. He introduced English apple varieties here.

The glade of Sipur lies below Mashobra and there is a beautiful wood and grey-slate temple on this idyllic spot. It is a venue for the annual spring fair. One can even attempt a trek to the Shalli peak, which is at a height of 3000 m, the highest peak in the area. This trek could take an entire day.

From Mashobra one can trek to Wildflower Hall via the Retreat, a colonial-era building and now the summer residence of the President of India.
Further up is the famous ski resort of Kufri. This place has long been known for its ski slopes and fine views. Here one can enjoy Horse rides, Yak rides and visit the Nature Park and other options for family entertainment. Himachal Tourism’s Café Lalit is available at Kufri.

Close by is Fagu. It rests astride a mountain saddle along the Hindustan Tibet Road. The location gives it a rare range of views that encompass both the northern and southern valleys as well as the snow-clad peaks of the Greater Himalaya. In the open patches, the valleys hold hamlets and orchards and neatly terraced fields. Himachal Tourism’s hotel Peach Blossom is available at Fagu.

On your way back you can walk down or drive to the Bekhalty road and return to Mashobra through thick woods.

After Dhalli you are on the Hindustan Tibet Road. This turn-off also lies at the head of the path to the Catchment Area. It is from the wash collected in these dense woods that Shimla gets the bulk of its water supply. Down in the valley lies the old rest house at Seog.

From Naldehra one can drive downhill to Tattapani 33 km. Karsog 85 km away is famous for its temples, including the Mamleshwar Mahadev, Kamksha Devi and Mahunag temples. Karsog is a bowl-shaped valley with fertile land surrounded by forest covered hills and is blessed with scenic beauty. There are also apple orchards.