a)     Religious Sites

The whole state of Gujarat is highly opulent with godly places of pilgrimage and holy temples like Ambaji, Somnath, Dwarka, Palitana, Girnar, and Dakor.

b)     Art and Craft

Gujarat has an array of a rich variety of crafts. Its embroidery, bead work, wood crafts, printed and woven clothes, pottery and tribal art are expressions of folklore and festivals. The exclusive range of these works of craftsmen imbued with the social and cultural hue of the region from where they have sprung are original in nature and craftsmanship. Today far moved from the hut or the village of the craftsman, pieces of handicrafts come to adorn the houses of the elite, the five-star hotels both at home and abroad. Their products have received acclamation not only across the country but in overseas countries too.