Located on the banks of River Jhelum, the Shah-i-Hamdan or Khanqah-e-Molla is one of the oldest mosques in Srinagar. It is said that the mosque was originally built in 1359 and underwent reconstruction in 1732. In fact, it is the first mosque to be built in Srinagar by Muslim ruler, Sikander Butshikan, in the memory of preacher Mir Syed Ali Hamdani.


The structure is a magnificent example of wood architecture and has been built without nails. The front portion and the interior of the mosque have been painted in papier mache reliefs and coloured khatamband (faceted wood panelling). While the first tier of the mosque has double arcaded verandahs, which are all around the structure, the second tier has an arcaded balcony on all the sides. The second tier also has a pyramidal roof, which has an open pavilion for the muezzin (person appointed to lead the call for prayer). A pyramidal spire tops the building.

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