Located on Maharashtra-Gujarat border, the small town of Sanjan is one of the first Parsi settlements in the country. It is said that Zoroastrian refugees, whose descendants are better known as Parsis, founded the town. Sanjan is known for excavations related to art, including Hindu sculptures from various time periods. Excavations were carried out in 2002, which revealed human skeletons, coins, pottery items, beads and glasses. A Tower of Silence or dokhma, a unique Zoroastrian mortuary structure was also discovered. The most popular attraction in Sanjan is the Sanjan Memorial Column, which was built in 1917 to mark the arrival of Parsis in India. The memorial holds special significance for the Parsi community and is a prominent holy site for them. Sanjan lies at a distance of 27 km from Silvassa and makes for an interesting excursion.

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