Drenched in colonial vibes, this majestic building is one of India's best and well-maintained British-era buildings. Surrounded by a lush green botanical garden, Viceregal Lodge once served as the summer residence of the Indian viceroy when the administrative centre shifted from Delhi to Shimla. The lodge is also known as the Rashtrapati Nilayam or President's House as it now serves as a summer retreat for the Indian President. Lying at Observatory Hill, Viceregal Lodge offers panoramic views of the entire area. The building was designed by British architect Henry Irwin during Lord Dufferin's tenure as the Indian viceroy. Built in the Jacobethan style, the building draws influences from English renaissance period, which is reflected in the use of grey stones. The interior of the building is adorned with Burma teak and woodwork. Tourists can visit only a few rooms inside the building as part of a brief paid tour since the building has been changed into the Indian Institute of Advanced Studies. During the tour, you will be told about the history of the place as you see rare photographs that have been exhibited.

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