Nestled amongst the lush environs of the Shimla Reserve Forest Sanctuary, the quaint town of Mashobra boasts unmatched beauty. Crisscrossed with narrow alleys, dotted with colonial buildings, serene churches and ancient temples, Mashobra leaves one in awe. It also serves as the official retreat of the President of India, who arrives every year to conduct official meetings with other dignitaries. Drenched in colonial charm, the Presidential retreat is entirely made of wood and dates back to 1850. The building plays host to the President for two weeks during the summer season and is also used to accommodate foreign dignitaries visiting Shimla. Wildlife enthusiasts and birdwatchers can visit the Reserve Forest Sanctuary, lined with cedar, oak and pine trees. Some of the fauna you can sight include leopards, monkeys, baboons, jackals and barking deer.


Mashobra is popular for its smooth slopes that offer the perfect opportunity for para gliders in summers and ski-enthusiasts in winters. Just an hour away from the state capital, the town is home to one of the largest watersheds of the continent that supplies water to the entire district. The many streams that feed the watershed are also frequented by enthusiasts looking for an adrenaline rush. Tourists can indulge in rafting through the rapids that offer short yet thrilling adventures. For nature-lovers, trails leading to the Shali Tibba, at an altitude of 9,423 ft, which towers over the district of Shimla, is a major attraction.

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