Situated approximately 250 km from Shimla, Manali Sanctuary forms the catchment of Manalsu Khad. Covering a small area of about 31.8 sq km, it is said to have been established in 1954, and is characterised by dense deodar, kail, horse chestnut, walnut and maple trees. Musk deer, monals, brown bears and leopards can be spotted here, while its higher reaches are home to ibex and snow leopard. Some of the most-spotted wildlife in this sanctuary includes the Himalayan black bear, Himalayan palm civet, Himalayan yellow-throated marten, Kashmir flying squirrel, flying fox and barking deer. Apart from a wide variety of flora and fauna, the sanctuary also offers stunning views of the snow-capped peaks of the surrounding mountains. Overnight camping facilities are available at Manali Sanctuary.

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