The state of Meghalaya is renowned for bamboo products as well as Khasi artefacts. The best place to buy Meghalaya handicrafts is Shillong. All over the city, you can soak in the culture of the hills by scouring markets for bamboo handicrafts and furniture, wood carvings, khok or thugis baskets, carpets, Tibetan and woollen shawls, forest honey, bamboo shoot pickle and more. The Khasis weave a special kind of durable cane mat called Tlieng, which is quite popular among shoppers. The Garo weave a cloth called Dakmanda that is used to make shirts, bed covers, sheets, etc. They also make baskets called Meghum Khoks. Their pokerwork is a speciality, where they burn designs into bamboo with a red hot pointed rod. Meghalayas Jaintia tribe is known for skilfully making bamboo fishing traps.

Other Attractions In Shillong