The Rock Garden at Ranchi's Gonda Hills is a popular picnic spot where tourists can indulge in a number of recreational activities like boating, space riding and witnessing a horror show. An ideal place to go with kids, the beautiful park has been carved out of a single rock and offers splendid views of the surrounding Kanke Dam Lake. The park is home to a small hanging bridge and a man-made waterfall, which are its most striking features. The best time to visit the park is during the early morning and evening hours when one gets to witness ethereal sunrises and sunsets from here. The sunset point in the park is its most visited area and makes for a great photography point. The park has a special playground for children, numerous joy rides and a food parlour as well. The most thrilling experience tourists can take in the park is entering the Bhoot Bangla or Horror House, which has been set up under an Egyptian pyramid-like structure.

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