An architectural delight, the Mahamaya Temple is believed to have been built around the 11th century AD by king Ratnadev. It is dedicated to two Goddesses, Lakshmi and Saraswati, and is one of the 52 shaktipeeths, the shrines of divine feminine, Shakti. Located around 25 km from Bilaspur, the presiding deity of the temple is Goddess Mahamaya, also known as Kosaleswari.

The temple was constructed in 1045 AD by Raja Ratnadeva I who had arrived here for the first time in Manipur village. Legend has it that the king took rest on a tree when night fell. In the middle of the night, he woke up to see a supernatural light under the tree and found Adi Shakti Mahamaya holding a meeting there. He lost consciousness thereafter. He returned to his capital city of Tumman but decided to make Ratanpur his capital. In 1050 AD, a temple of Shri Mahamaya Devi was constructed here and there is a popular belief that it is a centre of yantra and mantra. The temple has been built in the Nagara style of architecture near a huge water tank. One can also find temples of Lord Hanuman and Lord Shiva in the same complex. A few kilometres from here are the ruins of an 11th century Kadeideol Shiva temple with Kalbhairava as the guardian of the temple.

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