Located on the banks of River Shivnath, the district of Durg is home to the state’s most vibrant folk traditions. Durg boasts numerous folk dances, songs and dramas. It also houses the ancient building of Hindi Bhawan, which has now been converted into a municipality office. Travellers can also pay a visit to the Chandi Mandir, which is dedicated to Goddess Chandi. The Jain temple of Nagpura nearby is also worth a visit. When you happen to be in Durg, visit Maitri Bagh, a joint initiative of the Indian and Russian governments as well as Devbaloda, which is famous for an ancient temple of Lord Shiva. It is said this temple was built by kings of the Kalchuri dynasty in the 13th century AD. The east-facing temple houses a 1.5-ft-high shivling and the pillars are decorated with intricate carvings, depicting gods and goddesses. A carved door leads one to the sanctum sanctorum of the temple. The exterior wall has carvings of animals such as horses and elephants, and divine figures. A square pond inside the complex draws devotees, who take a dip in it.  

Other Attractions in Raipur