Surrounded by the majestic Vindhya ranges, Chitrakote Waterfalls on River Indravati in the Bastar district of Chhattisgarh, cascades down a height of 32 m. It is believed that herds of deer once lived in its scenic surroundings and this is how it derives its name - chitar is the word for deer in the local Halbi dialect. The waterfalls is situated around 275 km from the city of Raipur. It is often called the Niagara Falls of India as it is the widest waterfall in the country and has a horse-shoe shape. Spectacular at any time of the year, this waterfalls is at its roaring best during monsoons (July to October). Surrounded by dense sal forests, the falls is a sight to behold as the sheer water curtain drops down in a roar, which reverberates through the craggy hills, the cliffs and the neat paddy fields. During the rainy season, the otherwise white water turns into various shades of brown, heavy with silt. If you are lucky, you will catch a rainbow or two hanging above the water, emerging from its misty depth.  You can hire a local fisherman's boat to take you as close as possible to the falls. You can also swim in the river downstream or try water rafting. A popular picnic spot, most tourists prefer making a day trip to the falls from Jagdalpur (around 40 km away). You can also explore the surrounding region for a glimpse of the local tribal culture. 

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