Parwez Shah, the son of Mughal emperor Jahangir (Jehangir), built Pathar Ki Masjid on the banks of River Ganga when he was the governor of Bihar. Literally translating into stone mosque, it is widely considered to be one of the few remaining sites displaying Mughal architecture in the city. Also believed to be the oldest mosque in Patna, it displays a medieval-type of architecture and is built on a raised platform with a stunning central dome.

There are four small minarets at the corners and two long minarets at the entrance of the mosque. Verses from the Holy Quran grace the inner walls. Despite its small size, it is very popular with devotees and lights up on festivals like Eid, when thousands throng the mosque. Not just Muslims, people from all faiths come to the mosque to offer prayers and find spiritual sustenance. Besides, several other religious functions are held here. In the olden days, it used to be the venue for several social gatherings.

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