Spanning 5,750 m, the Mahatma Gandhi Setu (also known as Gandhi Setu and Ganga Setu) is India's second-longest bridge. Built across River Ganges, it connects Patna to Hajipur. It spans a length of approximately 5,750 m (or 18,860 ft) and was inaugurated by Indira Gandhi in May 1982, when she was the Prime Minister of the country. Today, it is estimated that over 85,000 vehicles along with 12,000 pedestrians use this bridge on a daily basis. It is almost a lifeline for the people of the state, making it easy for them to cover this long distance in a matter of minutes. There are 45 piers, 121 m in height, that support the bridge and the space left below it is enough to allow a ship to pass through.

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