A sprawling ground at the centre of the city, spread across 62 acre, the Gandhi Maidan is Patna's most popular landmark. It was here that Mahatma Gandhi held his prayer meetings, when he visited the city. Rows of handsome trees line the periphery of the ground. Today, surrounded by a busy market area, offices and hotels, it hosts several exhibitions and fairs throughout the year, one of the most iconic among them being the annual Patna Book Fair that lasts a fortnight and sees streams of visitors throughout its duration. A statue of Mahatma Gandhi, after whom the ground is named, stands towards the south of Gandhi Maidan. The Republic Day parade as well as the Independence Day ceremony are organised here. Till date, major political rallies are organised from this venue. It is the entry/exit for several major roads of Patna city including Exhibition Road, Frazer Road and Ashok Rajpath. Known as Patna Lawn during the British era, it used to be a golf course from 1824 to 1833. Horse racing was another popular sport that was started here.

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